During September we are having one service each week at 10:00 am.

Join us in the church on    

October 25

Reformation Sunday

     10:00 am - Worship Service (no Communion)

11:15 am - Sunday school for all ages


The weekly service will be available live on our Facebook page at 10:00 am and a link will be posted on ALC's web page soon after the service has finished. See the Links below.

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Memorial Service - Dick Mikkelsen

October 7, 2020 at 2:00 PM

"The Ultimate Storybook"

A Sermon Series

What if you were confronted with a question like this; “I’ve tried to read the Bible, but it just seems so long and confusing.
If there truly is a God, and if He loves us as much as I hear people say he does, then why is it so confusing…and why are there all these really bad things going on in the world; wars, diseases, accidents, famine, viruses…I just don’t get it?”

Like it or not, you have just been given an invitation to explain The Creator’s metanarrative.  Perhaps at this moment you are saying something like; “I don’t even know what a metanarrative is…let alone try to explain God’s metanarrative.”


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This Week at ALC

Monday, Oct. 19


10:00 AM - Zoom Women's Bible Study

12:00 PM - ALANON Brown Bag

Tuesday, Oct. 20

12:00 PM - ALANON Brown Bag

Wednesday, Oct. 21

12:00 PM - ALANON Brown Bag

Thursday, Oct. 22




12:00 PM - ALANON Brown Bag

  4:30 PM - Confirmation Class

  6:00 PM - Adult Praise Team

  7:00 PM - Youth Praise Team Practice

Friday, Oct. 23

12:00 PM - ALANON Brown Bag

Saturday, Oct. 24

Nothing Scheduled

Sunday, Oct. 25


10:00 AM - Blended Service- Join us in the church or ONLINE

11:15 AM - Sunday school & Adult Education Class 

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M-F - 9am - 12pm and 1 - 3:30 pm.  Closed on Federal Holidays.

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Clare House

We are looking for someone to lead this ministry. Call the office to volunteer.
Volunteer now to provide meals on November 8. Sign up on board in the Narthex or call the office.

Help Feed Those Who Are Hungry

LSSA Food of the Month

Help LSSA make hunger an unwelcome guest by donating food:  This Months food:
At this time, Due to Covid, LSSA is requesting cash donations
The demand is increasing but once the Holidays are past donations drop. Please continue to donate to LSSA to help feed those who are hungry.


Amen Acres

The gardens are sleeping for the winter!


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