Anchorage Lutheran Church










We exist as a ministry because of Jesus, our Savior, born in Bethlehem. As Christians, we seek to know Christ and understand his purpose in our lives through the study of God's Word, frequent worship, and reception of the Lord's Supper.
We Strive to share the Good News of Christ's victory over death by proclamation in our worship services, Christian Education programs in our community, along with support of missions in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest and beyond the borders of our nation.
We seek to live as God's children, open to the leading of the Holy Spirit by witness and discipleship of Christ Jesus through the use of our time, talent, and treasures.
The Lord's Supper: The Body and Blood of Jesus Christ our Saviour, given and shed for us for the forgiveness of sins. We celebrate this meal often in remembrance of Jesus' sacrifice. Baptized adult Christians, understanding and seeking the mystery of this Holy Meal – the nourishing forgiveness and Real Presence of Christ – are invited to participate.
Should you come to the altar and wish not to receive this sacrament, please cross your arms to receive a blessing. Children who have not yet been confirmed are invited to come forward with their parents to receive a blessing.